Legless Stacker, AC/EPS

1.Counterbalance Electric Stacker S-12C
   - Capacity:1200kg, AC motor/EPS/Curtis controller
   - Lift height is 3m, the max. lift height  can be 5.0m
   - Legless stacker,fit for single/double-faced pallet
   - Electric Power Steering is optional, Intelligent charger
   - Curve automatic deceleration device, more safe                         

   - Low voltage protection, truck will stop if voltage is lower, make truck/battery with long using life, 20ft container can ship 8 units
   - Emergecy stop/hour meter/Battery level indicator

2.S-12C, capacity: 1200kg, lift height: 3.5 m

3.S-12CF, capacity: 1200kg, lift height: 3.0m, free lifting functions

4.Counterbalance Electric Stacker S-16C, capacity: 1600kg, fork size: (200-650)*1200mm,lift height:3m

5.S-16C, capacity: 1600kg, lift height: 3.5m

6.S-16C, capacity: 1600kg, lift height: 5.0m

 Optional platform, add

Optional tilting