1. Mining: Surface exploitation of mineral raw materials
The company R & R Machinery has many years of professional experience in the design of mining and separation plants, for treating stones, in quarries of technical building stones and gravels.

We offer the EU and the Balkans, new and used crusher and separation plants and individual mining machines, for all field conditions and in all variants (fixed, semi-mobile and mobile crusher and separation plants).

Our service is for machines , plants and spare parts inside or outside of warranty terms.

We offer expert supervision during installation or our complete installation.

On new mining equipment, the guarantee is 1 year from production start-up.

In our mining engineering projects, we have full support with the new mining machinery and production plants of the ATAIRAC factory, website: http://www.atairac.com

The company R & R Machinery also offers its own production of separating plants and machines in its own production plant in the Balkans.

2. Mining  and construction machinery (new and used)
We are selling representatives of CARTER construction machinery  at http://www.carter.net.cn
(hydraulic excavators and forklifts, loaders, skid steers, hydraulic hammers, rollers)

3. Forklift: R & R Lift
In our sales program we have a selection of all models of forklifts and work platforms.

4. New drill sets for minefield preparation.

5. A boat dredgers, excavators, production, repair and rental

6. Spare parts:

  • loader cranes for construction machinery
  • polyurethane nets, revetment and wired knitwear
  • crowns and columns for all brands of drills
  • rollers for conveyors,
  • tires for forklifts, air or airless
  • rubber tracks for mini excavators
  • spikes and chisels for different brands of hydraulic hammers
  • spare parts for all mining equipment brands